What to do if brown mushrooms grow in the flower pot

What to do if brown mushrooms grow in the flower pot

Why do mushrooms grow in potting soil?

In nature, fungi occur wherever decomposition processes are involved. They also love high humidity and a humus-rich soil. Soils with a high percentage of peat or peat substitutes contain many organic substances that are decomposed by fungi. High-quality potting soil contains little peat, so mushrooms grow here less often.

If too much water is poured and the water cannot evaporate sufficiently (with plastic pots), there is also a good basis for fungus formation.

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Are the mushrooms harmful?

First of all, the mushrooms are not dangerous to the plants. There are, however, mushrooms that spread over a large area and form an almost waterproof layer on the potting soil. After a while, only insufficient water and oxygen can penetrate the soil and damage the plant.

In addition, mushrooms release spores into the air when they are mature. These tiny globules can be inhaled. Allergy sufferers may react with asthmatic attacks.

In any case, the fungi must be removed.

Immediate action if fungi appear in the potting soil

If you observe fungal growth in your flower pots, you should immediately put the infected pots outside (for indoor plants). Ventilate your apartment so that possible fungal spores are blown out. Then the potting soil needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Repot the flowers outdoors.
  2. Remove all of the soil from the pot.
  3. Shake off the plant well too.
  4. Clean the pot with a brush.
  5. Rinse it out with vinegar water.
  6. Put your plant back in place.
  7. Use high-quality potting soil with a high mineral content and little peat.
  8. Make sure there is water drainage in the bottom of the pot.
  9. Before planting, put a drainage made of expanded clay (€ 17.50 on Amazon *) or potsherds in the flower pot. In this way you prevent waterlogging and remove an important basis for fungal growth.
  10. Do not water the plant until the soil is dry.
  11. Make sure to ventilate house plants regularly. This avoids excessive humidity.