Pull a peach tree from the core yourself - this is how it works

Pull a peach tree from the core yourself - this is how it works

Select real peaches

You will be able to grow small plants from the vast majority of peaches, but they will remain quite small and puny and will not bear any fruit. In order to grow a peach tree from a core yourself, you need what is known as a seed-resistant variety. Correct means that the properties of the mother plant are transferred to the seedling - not necessarily common in the plant world, because mutations tend to develop from seeds. These varieties are also known as "wild peaches".

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Which types of peach are real?

Many peaches with white flesh, as well as the vineyard peaches, are usually stone-proof. Especially with the varieties

  • Roter Ellenstädter (also "Kernechter vom Vorgebirge")
  • Naundorf core real
  • as well as Proskauer peach

Your efforts should be crowned with success.

The core must rest in winter

In order for a peach stone to become a stately peach tree, you have to bring some care and, above all, patience. In contrast to other plants, a peach core cannot simply be placed in potting soil and the first leaf shoots will already point out within a few weeks - on the contrary. Before it can germinate, a peach - not only the core but also the tree - first needs hibernation. This means that you can eat a delicious real peach in autumn and then pack the core (preferably several) in a box with moist sand. The box is best placed in a place where it is dark and cool - a cellar, for example, would be ideal.

Plant out the kernels in spring

After the winter break called “stratification”, you can now plant the seeds out. Direct sowing in a slightly shady, as moist and protected place as possible is possible. The kernels should be covered with soil about two inches. Alternatively, you can of course also grow the seedlings in a pot with potting soil. The soil should always be kept as moist as possible.

Crack the nuclear envelope

By the way, the actual seed core is located inside the stone. You can crack the casing and pull out the almond-shaped core to improve the germination capacity.

Tips & Tricks

It's even easier if you have a compost. Then throw the peach kernels on the compost and are then automatically rewarded with saplings in spring.