Exemplary propagation of grapevines with cuttings and subsets

Exemplary propagation of grapevines with cuttings and subsets

Propagating with cuttings - step-by-step instructions

Experienced hobby gardeners generally choose a grapevine as a mother plant that has proven to be healthy and resistant in the past. In spring, cut off one or more annual shoots so that they have at least 3-4 buds. The cut is made at a slight angle and just below a knot. How to proceed:

  • Growing pots (€ 14.90 at Amazon *) fill with a peat-sand mixture, coconut fiber or commercially available growing soil
  • Insert a cutting into each so that two buds are above the ground
  • moisten the substrate in order to set up the vessels in a partially shaded, warm place

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During the following weeks, the cuttings busily root through their pot. By autumn they have developed into strong young plants and can be planted.

This is how the increase succeeds through subsidence

The propagation of vines by Absenker is extremely popular with beginners due to its uncomplicated handling. The perfect time window opens in early summer when the full life pulsates in the plant. How to do it right:

  • pull a flexible tendril to the ground and mark the point of contact
  • make a 10 centimeter deep furrow at the marking
  • Bury the middle part of the vine so that at least 2 buds are covered with soil
  • previously scratch this area minimally with a razor blade
  • the tip of the shoot looks out of the ground to be attached to a wooden stick

With stones or tent pegs, the lowering device is prevented from bouncing up again. In the following period, the mother plant continues to supply the shoot with nutrients, so that maintenance is limited to regular watering. By autumn, an independent root system develops from the buds and the wound tissue. Then the time is ripe to separate the young plant from the mother and to plant in the new location.

Tips & Tricks

The propagation of vines by means of cuttings and sinking is only allowed outside of wine-growing areas. The devastating damage caused by phylloxera led to a legal regulation in the form of the phylloxera regulation in the BGB. Only the propagation and planting of refined grapevines is permitted within wine-growing regions. A violation is punished with heavy fines.