When is the chestnut harvest time?

When is the chestnut harvest time?

Where are chestnuts harvested?

The sweet chestnut, as the sweet chestnut is also called, prefers a mild climate and a warm location. It is mainly native to southern Europe. In Germany it can mostly be found in wine-growing regions, for example in the Palatinate, but also in the Black Forest, the Taunus or the Moselle, Saar and Nahe. In colder regions, the harvest volume drops significantly, even if the sweet chestnut is only sensitive to late frosts.

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When are chestnuts ripe?

The ripening time of chestnuts is quite limited. It is usually between late September and mid-October. The ripe fruits are not picked, they fall from the tree and “only” have to be picked up. However, they have a lot of competition because squirrels and wild boars also like chestnuts. By nature, chestnuts do not keep very long, but various cultivars have produced varieties that can be stored.

How can I prepare and use chestnuts?

The preferred method of preparation for chestnuts is roasting. You can also use it to cook a very tasty soup, fill a goose with it or use it to create sweet desserts. Freezing is recommended if you want to preserve a larger harvest. The fruits could also be dried.

The essentials in brief:

  • Harvest mostly in late September to mid-October
  • ripe fruits fall from the tree
  • collect quickly
  • can be stored for a relatively short time


Don't let squirrels snatch the ripe chestnuts away.