Here's how to air dry your hot peppers

Here's how to air dry your hot peppers

The right place

South Americans are real experts when it comes to air drying hot peppers. a miracle, they not only share their home with the paprika vegetables, but also benefit from the best climatic conditions. Hot peppers dry the fastest in warm, sunny places with low humidity. Is your garden facing south? Perfect, then you too will soon be able to enjoy air-dried peppers. By the way, you can also air-dry hot peppers in winter. Behind a sunny window pane, the requirements are also met if there is sufficient space.

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Different methods

There is no such thing as the best way to air dry a pepperoni. Simply choose one of the following that suits your capacity:

  • Lay out hot peppers on the floor
  • Making ristras
  • Dry peppers on the line

Lay out hot peppers on the floor

you need

  • enough space
  • Parchment paper
  • Sun and light

Spread out the parchment paper in a sunny place and distribute the fruit on it with enough space. Alternatively, a wooden board or a linen cloth can serve as a base. If the humidity is low, your peppers will be ready to dry after two weeks. Incidentally, air drying works best with varieties that only have a thin pulp.

Making ristras

You need:

  • a string
  • a needle
  • a place to hang

Ristras are a raised bundle of peppers. This method is only very space-saving, but also takes you to Mexican weekly markets. Knot the lower end of your thread and pierce the individual pods with the needle in order to thread them onto them. Once you have created a beautiful necklace, hang it in a sunny place for two weeks.

Dry peppers on the line

The procedure here is similar to that for the ristras. However, thread the pods horizontally. Unlike the previous methods, you should stretch the line in a shady place. Too much exposure to light would destroy the vitamins.


After air-drying, you can either grind your hot peppers and add them to your dishes, or use the seeds for re-growing.

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