Plant a hard-working Lizzie, but do it right!

Plant a hard-working Lizzie, but do it right!

Are sunny or partially shaded locations more suitable?

If you have the choice, plant the hardworking lizards in a partial shade rather than in full sun. Full sun should only be an option if you can make sure the soil doesn't dry out. Furthermore, the location should be sheltered from the wind, otherwise the tender shoots could kink.

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What properties should the earth have?

The substrate also plays a decisive role for the hardworking Lieschen and its growth. If it is planted in a pot, it should be as narrow as possible. Then the hardworking Lieschen will bloom all the richer! An earth with the following properties triggers pleasure:

  • well permeable (absolutely no waterlogging)
  • sandy-loamy
  • rich in nutrients and humus
  • relaxed

Which plant partners are right for the hard-working Lieschen?

A well-groomed, hard-working Lieschen looks stunning next to the following flowers and grasses:

  • Fuchsias
  • Lobelia
  • Petunias
  • Geraniums
  • Purple bells
  • Noble lies
  • Begonias
  • Sedges
  • Lamp cleaner grass

When and how are these flowers planted?

This is a frost-sensitive specimen. Therefore, you should not plant it out until mid-May (after the ice saints). Make sure there is a planting distance of at least 20 cm and add some compost to the soil!

How does the propagation work?

There are two options for propagation: sowing or cuttings. Head cuttings are cut in autumn for propagation by cuttings. The lowest leaves are removed and the cuttings are placed in pots with potting soil. They take root after about 3 weeks in a moist substrate.

The seeds are ripe when the fruit capsules are light green and glassy. Collect them and sow them between January and March! Germination temperatures between 16 and 18 ° C are ideal. Warning: the seeds are light germs! From May the plants can come outside.


Since the flowers do not tolerate rain well, you should choose a covered place or plant the plant in the tub on the balcony or terrace!