Make the front yard easy to care for - tips & ideas for replanting

Make the front yard easy to care for - tips & ideas for replanting

Planning and preparatory work

A true-to-scale drawing sets the course for a successful front garden that takes all important aspects into account. In addition, the more specific you plan, the better you can keep costs under control. Before you can devote yourself to the creative part of the work, target lurking weeds with these preparatory tasks:

  • Clear and level the entire area
  • Peel off old lawn, carefully remove stones, roots and all weeds
  • Lay weed control (€ 28.90 at Amazon *) with a thickness of 80 to 150 g / m²
  • Cover with peat-free potting soil or sieved garden soil

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If you are creating a front garden with paved areas or gravel beds, dig the earth 20 cm deep before laying weed film.

Idea for an easy-care front yard for replanting

The following planting suggestion describes how to create an easy-care front yard. Instead of weeds and lawns, uncomplicated plants in bright colors and elegant leaf structures thrive behind a beautiful border. Let yourself be inspired here:

  • As a privacy screen: Hornbeam bushes alternating with magenta elements from spruce, larch or robinia
  • The entrance is flanked by evergreen holly (Ilex) 'Silver Queen' and cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) 'Otto Lykens
  • Pipe bush (Philadelphus) 'Snowstorm' and ball hydrangea 'Annabelle' provide summer flowers
  • The house tree is the grape cherry (Prunus padus) 'Albertii' with white spring blossoms and black-red fruits
  • Cranesbill (Geranium) 'Biokovo' and foam blossom (Tiarella cordifolia) 'Brandy wine' lie at the feet of the house tree

A place for the children to play should not be missing in the family household. A paved area, the center of which is a dwarf fruit stem, such as the sweet cherry (Prunus avium 'Stella Compact'), is perfect. A magenta planter next to the entrance door serves as a creative eye-catcher, decoratively planted with the easy-care ornamental grass Carpet Japan Sedge (Carex morowii) 'Silver Scepter'.


Include the facade in the creative front garden design. You can do this by attaching a trellis so that clematis, roses, black-eyed Susanne or hydrangeas with beautiful flowers stand out. The additional planting area makes the small front yard appear larger than it actually is.

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