Ornamental grass: are there species that grow in the shade?

Ornamental grass: are there species that grow in the shade?

Shadow grasses and their properties

There are a number of ornamental grasses that also, or to a particular extent, thrive in the shade, for example under trees or on the north side of the house. They are also known as shadow grasses. The spectrum of their properties is diverse:

  • carpet-like ground cover, hemispherical or arching overhanging growth
  • broad or narrow leaves
  • green, white variegated or yellow leaves
  • evergreen or evergreen
  • suitable for groups or solitary planting

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Colorful ornamental grasses for the shade

The colorful ornamental grasses are extremely popular when it comes to planting shady areas. They bring light into the darkness. Recommended species here include, for example, the Japanese sedge with its evergreen foliage, which, depending on the variety, can have a white border. The yellow-green garden sedge also provides illuminating accents in the shade.

Green-leaved ornamental grasses with high growth

The green leafy ornamental grasses that can thrive in the shade are not rare. The most prominent species include bamboo, giant sedge and grass clown. They are particularly high and are good, for example, as privacy screens.

Sedges - the shadow grass par excellence

If you are unsure, you should take a closer look at sedges. This species is considered hardy and easy to care for. Many sedges can even withstand high levels of humidity or moisture. Most sedges also have a good frost resistance. Here are a few recommended examples for penumbra to shadow:

  • Bird's foot sedge
  • Crested Sedge
  • Mushroom sedge
  • Dwarf sedge
  • Mountain sedge
  • Golden rim sedge
  • Forest sedge

These ornamental grasses are not suitable for the shade

Under no circumstances should you plant these ornamental grasses in shady areas, which require a lot of sunlight to grow:

  • Chinese reed
  • Pampas grass
  • Lamp cleaner grass
  • Indian grass
  • Diamond grass
  • Silver ear grass
  • Tail millet
  • Blue fescue


You can even put the small shadow grasses in a bucket on a shady balcony or terrace. Most other plants usually have a hard time there.