Planting raspberries properly made easy!

Planting raspberries properly made easy!

Are raspberries real berries?

Even if the name suggests it, raspberries are not berries. Just like blackberries, they are so-called collective drupes. This means that many small fruits grow on a flower axis. Strictly speaking, every single pearl of the raspberry is an independent fruit.

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Which varieties of raspberry are best for growing in the garden?

There are three main types:

  • Summer raspberries
  • Autumn raspberries
  • Two-timer varieties

You can get each of the main varieties in a variety of breeds. In addition to the well-known red varieties, there are also yellow and black raspberries.

What are the differences between summer raspberries, autumn raspberries and two-timer varieties?

In terms of location and conditions, the three varieties do not differ. There are only differences in terms of care and harvest time. Specifically, when it comes to pruning, the variety plays an important role.

Summer raspberries

Ripe in summer, have a higher yield, are more often attacked by maggots and bear the fruit on the two-year-old canes

Autumn raspberries

Harvest time from autumn to the onset of frost, largely maggot-free, bear on the annual wood

Two-timer raspberries

Ripe twice a year, can be planted well in pots.

In which location do raspberries feel right at home?

Raspberries grow almost everywhere. If you want beautiful, sweet fruits, plant them in a sunny spot that should be a little sheltered from the wind.

When is the best time to plant?

Autumn is the best season for planting raspberries. You can also plant the bushes in early spring.

What kind of soil do raspberries prefer?

In nutrient-rich soil, the bushes develop particularly beautiful, large raspberries. The soil must be loosened deeply and free from thickening. Waterlogging is to be avoided at all costs.

Which plant spacing is ideal?

There should be a distance of 50 centimeters between the individual bushes. When planting in rows, a distance of at least 1.50 meters is recommended.

How deep are raspberries set?

Raspberries are shallow-rooted and are only planted so deep that the buds are not covered more than five centimeters.

Can raspberries be planted as a hedge?

Yes, you can create a raspberry hedge as a partition in the garden or along the fence. Just make sure there is enough distance to neighboring properties.

Can raspberries be brewed in a pot?

You can also plant small varieties in pots and grow them in a sunny, sheltered place on the terrace or balcony.

Can raspberries be transplanted?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. It is best to transplant the raspberries in autumn or immediately after the harvest.

In principle, however, they can be moved throughout the garden year. If necessary, shorten the rods and roots a little and don't forget to water them.

You can no longer harvest raspberries in the year of the move because they will not develop any fruit after moving.

Do raspberries get along with other plants?

Raspberries are loners. Keep enough distance to other berry bushes and beds. Do not let other plants or weeds grow under the bushes. This promotes fungal attack and root rot.

How can the raspberry sticks be controlled?

The shrubs tend to send many runners across the garden. Before planting, lay out a root barrier to prevent uncontrolled spreading. There are also modern varieties that produce fewer runners.

When are raspberries ripe?

The harvest time for summer raspberries is from June to July.

Autumn raspberries ripen from August until the first frost.

Two-timers can be harvested for the first time from June to July and the second time from August to October.

Harvested too many raspberries? What can you do with it?

Raspberries should be eaten raw as soon as possible after harvesting. Then they have the typical raspberry aroma. The fruits cannot be stored for long. You can:

  • Freeze
  • Boiling down
  • Process into jam
  • Make fruit puree

Raspberries are not suitable for drying.

How are raspberries propagated?

Raspberries are easy to propagate yourself. You prick off the runners and plant them in the desired location.

Cutting root cuttings is a little more complex. With this method, you receive single-variety plants.

By lowering the rods, you can also gain new raspberry bushes. However, this takes time. Growing raspberries from seeds is not recommended as completely different varieties often develop.

Tips & Tricks

If you haven't grown raspberries in the garden before because bad fruits have spoiled you, plant autumn raspberries. These varieties have almost no maggots. They only bloom when the raspberry beetle is no longer active.

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