Plant and care for mint in the pot perfectly - this is how it works

Plant and care for mint in the pot perfectly - this is how it works

The exodus of the ice saints heralds the time of planting

When 'Kalte Sophie' said goodbye in mid-May, the time window for planting mint in the pot opens. Choose a container with a diameter of at least 30 centimeters. A floor opening as a water drain is mandatory. Loose herbal soil, optimized with compost, perlite, (32.90 € at Amazon *) sand and horn shavings is suitable as a substrate. (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) How to plant your own hand-grown or pre-purchased mint correctly:

  • A drainage made of grit or expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) above the water drain prevents waterlogging
  • Fill the substrate in the pot up to half or two thirds height
  • insert the potted young plant in the middle, up to the lower pair of leaves
  • press the earth down and pour it generously

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Place mint in the pot in a partially shaded spot on the balcony or in the garden. Ideally, it is airy there so that rainwater can dry off quickly. The plant should not be exposed to the blazing midday sun.

This care is what matters

In the limited substrate volume of a planter, mint requires more intensive care than in the bed. How to properly handle cultivation in the pot:

  • keep the substrate slightly moist permanently
  • let the earth dry out in the meantime
  • empty a coaster immediately
  • fertilize weekly with organic liquid fertilizer
  • dose in half the concentration

In addition to the regular harvest, the shoots are cut 10 centimeters above the ground shortly before flowering. This horticultural trick preserves the aroma in the fresh shoot, which then thrives. After the first frost, cut the mint back close to the ground, cover the substrate with sticks and wrap the pot in bubble wrap. In this way, the mint will safely overwinter until the next year.

Tips & Tricks

Would you like to enjoy fresh mint throughout the winter? Then plant Kentucky Spearmint (Mentha x cordifolia) in a pot on the balcony. Brought into the house in good time in autumn, this variety delivers an aromatic harvest in the sunny, warm window seat during the cold season.