Storing asparagus properly - this is how the noble spears would like it

Storing asparagus properly - this is how the noble spears would like it

Store asparagus - if it really has to be!

Fresh asparagus spears have such a delicate aroma that it is best to prepare them immediately. Every day of storage takes away a piece of their freshness and, if the storage conditions are not right, even their taste. How inevitable storage is ideally designed depends on which bars need to be kept:

  • white asparagus, unpeeled
  • white asparagus, peeled
  • green asparagus

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Keep unpeeled white asparagus

Asparagus spears that are not prepared on the day of purchase should be put in the refrigerator at home immediately. There they can stay fresh for about four days.

  • Remove the plastic packaging or ribbon beforehand
  • Wrap the asparagus in a damp cloth
  • Place in the vegetable drawer
  • Asparagus can take on foreign odors
  • do not store next to strongly fragrant vegetables or fruits

Store peeled asparagus for a short time

Asparagus should not be stripped of its skin specifically for storage. But sometimes the bars still have to be stored in the peeled state. Perhaps because the preparation could not be carried out as planned or the peeling was brought forward for reasons of time.

Peeled asparagus can dry out faster and lose its aroma or take on a foreign aroma more easily. This is why peeled asparagus can stay in the refrigerator for a maximum of one day without suffering serious loss of quality.

  • Put the peeled asparagus in a plastic bag and seal it
  • or wrap in cling film and tie
  • alternatively, wrap in a damp cloth
  • it lasts a day longer in a damp cloth
  • However, it loses a lot of its flavor

Refresh the asparagus again

Asparagus can dry out during long periods of storage. Briefly put it in the water until it becomes crisp again. He shouldn't stay there longer than is absolutely necessary. If it stands in the water for a long time, it loses much of its aroma. The ends that have dried out after storage must be cut off generously.

Store green asparagus upright

Green asparagus differs from the white variant in many ways, including how it is stored. Instead of lying down, he prefers to spend this waiting time standing. How to store green asparagus spears for a maximum of three to four days:

  1. Fill a tall container with ice cold water.
  2. Put the asparagus spears in with the ends.
  3. Cover the asparagus heads with foil.
  4. Put the vessel in a dark place in the kitchen. The asparagus should not get any rays from the sun.


Even if green asparagus spears can be kept in water for a few days, you should end their storage time as soon as possible. The beautiful aroma is increasingly lost to the water.

Freeze asparagus spears for a long shelf life

The asparagus season for local asparagus is so short that the asparagus-free period cannot be bridged with the aid of the refrigerator. The freezer is a better helper. Since it is difficult to peel thawed asparagus spears due to their soft consistency, they should be frozen and peeled.

Asparagus spears can easily last six months in the freezer.

Conclusion for quick readers

  • Quality: If possible, prepare fresh sticks on the same day; Storage reduces the quality
  • Cooling: If asparagus is not prepared on the day of purchase, it should be stored in a cool place immediately
  • White, unpeeled asparagus: remove plastic wrap; wrap in a damp kitchen towel; Put in the vegetable drawer
  • Odors: Asparagus easily takes on foreign odors; do not store with intensely fragrant vegetables and fruits
  • White, peeled asparagus: storage is not optimal; it dries out more easily and absorbs foreign odors
  • Packaging: wrap in foil or put in a bag; close and put in the refrigerator
  • Shelf life: Peeled asparagus only lasts for one day
  • Alternative: wrap in a damp kitchen towel and cool; stays fresh one day longer; but loses flavor
  • Freshening up: Briefly add dried asparagus to the water, cut off the dried ends generously
  • Green asparagus: store upright in a water container; Cover heads with foil
  • Storage location: Shady place in the kitchen; without direct sunlight
  • Shelf life: Green asparagus can be kept for three to four days
  • Tip: It is better to end the storage time earlier as it loses more and more aroma
  • Freezing: Allows long storage; good for about six months; Freeze peeled asparagus

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