When the garden pond needs to be removed

When the garden pond needs to be removed

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you have to give up your property, your house and thus your beloved oasis by the water due to professional or private reorientations. So it is called dismantling the garden pond, even if it is difficult and will require a lot of work. Even if you cannot always determine the date for this yourself, the ideal month to remove the garden pond is in autumn , when most of the pond inhabitants are already on the retreat to their winter quarters.

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Rescue and use of the pond inhabitants

If enough time is available, it will certainly be possible to sell some of the pond plants or parts of the fish stock via the well-known classifieds portals. If this doesn't work, other pond owners will certainly be looking forward to free offspring for their aquatic plants and giving them away is still better than ending up on the compost. To do this, the garden pond is best emptied at least halfway with a dirty water pump and the animals fished out with a net.

Drain the water and dispose of the sludge

In a heavily overgrown pond, a lot can come together in terms of biomass. Larger plants may even have to be chopped up with an ax so that the former bank areas can be removed without leaving any residue. The remaining water is drained beforehand in order to remove the accumulated pond sludge after a drying phase of two to three days, which is disposed of on the compost.

Dismantle the structure of the garden pond

Depending on the design, the foil is now removed or the plastic pond is pulled out of the empty pit. With concrete or masonry, a sledgehammer works best, the broken parts have to be disposed of separately as rubble and usually for a fee . This also applies to PVC film and remains of the pond shell, which are classified as hazardous waste and have to be taken to a nearby recycling center.

Finally, the construction pit is filled with sand or earth and then compacted.


If you use a pump to drain the water when dismantling the garden pond, make sure that it has a filter of sufficient size so that it does not overheat with the sludge that is sure to accumulate.