Pest infestation on the hibiscus

Pest infestation on the hibiscus


The fresh shoots on the hibiscus in particular often fall victim to entire colonies of aphids. The up to 2mm large, light green or black lice settle on shoots, leaves and flowers and suck off the sap from there. This leads to the death of shoots, crippling of the leaves and falling off of the unopened flowers.


  • Immediately place the room hibiscus individually to prevent infestation of neighboring plants
  • Collect aphids or shower with a water jet
  • It is essential to treat the underside of the leaves as well, as aphids are also hiding here
  • Spray the hibiscus dripping wet with soapy water from 1 tablespoon of soap to 1 liter of water or
  • with a nettle infusion made from chopped nettles and water, see tip
  • Ladybugs feed on aphids. Therefore, collect ladybugs and place them on the infected hibiscus.
  • Control with biological agents from the garden center, e.g. Aphid-free from Neudorff or products with neem
  • Use of chemical agents, the active substance of which is passed on through the plant. The protection lasts for several weeks.

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With Chinese hibiscus, you should make sure there is sufficient humidity and spray the plant regularly. You can plant the garden marshmallow with herbs such as savory, sage, thyme and lavender.

Spider mites

Indoor air that is too dry can lead to an infestation with spider mites. Spider mites are tiny, yellow, orange or red colored arachnids with 4 pairs of legs, which usually attach themselves to the underside of the leaves and leave small webs behind. Affected leaves turn yellow and fall off.


  • Rinse with water
  • Wipe the leaves with a detergent solution
  • Cover the showered and watered plant in a plastic bag for a few days, the high humidity kills the spider mites
  • with insecticides from specialist shops
  • with predatory mites


As a preventive measure against spider mite infestation, the room hibiscus should be sprayed regularly. The air humidity in the room is increased by regular ventilation.


Leaves attacked by white flies die off. You can recognize the infestation by yellowish spots on the leaves. To combat white flies, you can use yellow stickers or boards that the flies will stick to. Insecticide sticks release their active ingredients to the plant and thus fight white flies.

Tips & Tricks

Recipe for nettle infusion:

  • Make a brew from chopped nettles and water in a ratio of 1: 9
  • Let it infuse for about 3 days in a closed container outside the apartment
  • Transfer the filter and the cast to a spray bottle