Does my wisteria need a climbing aid?

Does my wisteria need a climbing aid?

The wisteria grows quite fast and tall. This of course also makes it difficult. In addition, the woody shoots are so strong that they can compress rain gutters. If young shoots grow in cracks in the wall, then over time they burst the loosening masonry. Planting directly on the house wall is therefore only partially recommended.

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The essentials in brief:

  • very fast growing climbing plant
  • very strong, looping shoots
  • can dent gutters and damage walls
  • Trellis must be very stable

How should a trellis for wisteria be designed?

The climbing aid must be very stable so that it can withstand the force of the wisteria. Since the wisteria can get up to 30 meters high, you should also choose an appropriate location. It may even be advisable to set it in concrete or another stable anchorage in the ground.

If you want to draw your wisteria on an ordinary pergola or a trellis, then choose a stable variant. In addition, an appropriate cut is necessary. Grab the secateurs twice a year and get the plant into shape. In this way, you promote the flowering potential at the same time. On the other hand, without any pruning, there is often no flowering.

Suitable climbing aids for wisteria:

  • massive rose arches
  • Walls
  • stable pergolas
  • sturdy fences


Make sure you give your wisteria a stable support that you anchor well in the ground.