Don't waste a drop - freeze lemon juice

Don't waste a drop - freeze lemon juice

Only fresh lemons offer quality

Whole lemons have a long shelf life, but over time they lose their freshness, shrivel, dry out or change color. Blue moldy lemons are also not uncommon. But then it will be too late to secure your precious juice.

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A cut lemon with its open area offers an ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds. It should therefore be used up within a day. If you can't do this, squeeze the whole lemon straight away.

How to squeeze a lemon completely

Lemon juice can be squeezed with a special lemon squeezer. A juicing machine can also help. If you don't have both, you don't have to waste a drop.

  1. First wash the lemon under lukewarm water.
  2. Place the lemon on a firm surface. Place your hand on it and roll it back and forth while applying firm pressure with your hand.
  3. Then cut the lemon once in half and squeeze it out.
  4. In addition, you can prick the inside with a fork while turning the lemon half back and forth. So even more juice can be squeezed out.


If you are freezing the juice of an organic lemon, you should first rub the yellow peel finely on a kitchen grater. It flavored many baking recipes and is also easy to freeze.

Sieve out all seeds

Before freezing, put the freshly squeezed lemon juice through a fine kitchen sieve that will catch all the seeds. These are disposed of because lemon kernels are not eaten and are rather annoying. Lemon juice is usually used later in the frozen state and the pips can no longer be removed.

Ice cubes, the practical portioning

Of course, you can put all of the lemon juice in a single freezer and freeze it, but that's not practical. The entire amount of lemon juice is rarely required at once. Many mini containers would be a solution, but there is another way: with an ice cube container.

The squeezed lemon juice is poured into the boxes of the ice cube tray and then placed in the freezer. Please note the following points:

  • Freeze appropriate amounts for all recipes
  • Therefore fill the boxes at different levels
  • let the contents freeze first
  • then remove the ice cubes
  • keep in a freezer bag

Use and durability

Frozen lemon juice can be kept for one year. The sour pieces can be put straight from the freezer into the saucepan. They melt within a very short time.

Lemon ice cubes are an easy way to flavor water in summer.