Growing hops in the bucket - privacy screen for the terrace

Growing hops in the bucket - privacy screen for the terrace

Advantages of breeding in a tub

Hops in the garden have one major disadvantage. It spreads a lot and can hardly be removed once it has settled in. Plus, the plants get very tall when grown outdoors.

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These problems can be easily remedied when growing hops in a bucket. The plant

  • does not spread
  • won't get that high
  • can easily be moved to another location.

This is how you cultivate hops in the bucket

While hops in the field hardly need any care apart from being cut back, the care required in the bucket is somewhat higher.

There must be no waterlogging. The pot must therefore have a sufficiently large drainage hole so that excess irrigation water can run off. The soil must not dry out completely, so you have to water the hops more often.

Loose, possibly nutritious garden soil is sufficient. As in the field, the hops are fertilized once a month with vegetable fertilizer (€ 26.15 at Amazon *) or, if available, nettle manure.

Hops in the bucket must be protected from frost

In principle, the domestic climbing plant is absolutely hardy. It pulls in and leaves only a dried up stem. In the open air, hops therefore do not need any winter protection.

Things are a little different in the bucket. Here the earth freezes faster if it is very cold for a long time. You must therefore protect the pot from frost. Place the bucket on an insulating surface such as a styrofoam plate (€ 25.90 at Amazon *) and wrap it in foil until spring.

Do not cut back the plant, but leave the withered stems until spring. In February you cut the hops down to the ground. Then it's time to repot the climbing plant.


Even in pots, hops cannot do without a climbing aid. Attach a plant support. A position in front of a high lattice or a pergola, on which the shoots can climb, is even better.