Caring for peyote cactus properly - tips on care

Caring for peyote cactus properly - tips on care

How do you water a peyote cactus properly?

During the growth phase from April to September, water the peyote cactus regularly, without allowing waterlogging to occur. Any water standing in the coaster must be poured out immediately.

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Use only soft water for watering. Rainwater is best.

How is the cactus fertilized?

From April to the end of August give the peyote cactus some liquid fertilizer at monthly intervals. Special cactus fertilizers are ideal. But you can also give fertilizer for green plants. However, you should reduce the dose.

When is repotting indicated?

If the previous pot has become too small, take the peyote cactus out of the pot and shake off the old substrate. Fill a slightly larger pot with nutrient-poor substrate. Pumice or special soil for cacti is suitable. Make sure the pot is deep enough as Lophophora williamsii will develop a long taproot. Carefully plant the peyote.

After repotting, the peyote cactus is not fertilized for several months.

Are you allowed to cut a peyote cactus?

Peyote is not cut. Only when you want to grow new cuttings do you cut the outer shoots just above the root.

Which diseases and pests can occur?

  • Root rot
  • Scale insects
  • Mealybug
  • Root lice

If the peyote cactus is kept too moist or too cool, especially in winter, there is a risk of root rot.

What is the care of the peyote in winter?

Lophophora williamsii is not hardy, but like many cactus species it needs a cool winter break in order to develop many flowers. Place the cactus as cool as possible during this time. Ten degrees are ideal.

The cooler it is at the location, the less you may water the peyote cactus.


Peyote cactus (botan. Lophophora williamsii) is usually grown from seeds. Seeds are legal to purchase or can be extracted from the ripe fruit.