Yucca palm leaves drooping - causes and countermeasures

Yucca palm leaves drooping - causes and countermeasures

Yucca is probably too damp

If the yucca is drooping its leaves, you have most likely watered it too often and / or kept it too moist (for example, using the spray bottle too often to wet the leaves). By now the roots are probably already rotten, so that the affected leaves can no longer be properly cared for. The trunk may even be affected: Take a look to see if it is already soft or if it feels otherwise changed.

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Saving dying yucca - Here's how

If incorrect watering behavior and rotten roots are the causes of the hanging leaves, you can still save the healthy parts of the yucca with a little luck:

  • Drain the yucca and remove all soil.
  • Inspect the roots and trim away any rotten things.
  • Also prune the yucca above ground: Remove all diseased parts of the plant.
  • Repot the yucca in fresh substrate.
  • And pour significantly less from now on!
  • In severe cases, cut off the still healthy parts of the plant
  • and root these as stem or crop cuttings in a pot with soil.
  • Do not put the cuttings in a water glass to root
  • and do not put a plastic bag or cut off PET bottle over it.
  • This only encourages putrefaction.

Pour yucca properly

Watering a yucca once or even twice a week is far too common. Let the plant dry once between the individual waterings - it is only time for fresh water again when the substrate is also dry deep inside (finger test!). Since the yucca is also succulent and has the ability to evaporate very little water during high temperatures, it usually does not have to be watered more often than usual on hot summer days.


Too hot underfloor heating can also cause the leaves to droop - many yuccas don't like this intense heat from below. Otherwise, the repotting that has just been carried out and possibly associated damage to the roots could also be the cause.