Pear trees cannot fertilize themselves - what to do?

Pear trees cannot fertilize themselves - what to do?

Pear trees do not fertilize themselves

Many pear varieties are self-sterile. They carry so-called hermaphrodite flowers, which combine both male and female organs in one flower. There is no self-fertilization with hermaphrodite flowers.

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In order to enable fertilization, the pear tree depends on another pollinator. This is usually a second tree with the same botanical properties, for example a second pear tree. This can be the pear tree in the neighboring garden, or you can plant another variety yourself.

Both trees must be within reach of each other so that the wind and bees can pollinate.

Pay attention to trees with the same flowering time

When choosing the second variety, make sure that both trees bloom at the same time, because fertilization is not possible with different blooming times.

Pear varieties that are particularly suitable for fertilization

There are a few types of pear that make good pollinators for many other pear trees. The most well-known are:

  • Early from Trévoux
  • Gellert's Butter Pear
  • Conference
  • Club dean's pear
  • Madame Verté

Plant one of these pear varieties near your pear tree and you increase the prospect of a rich harvest.

If you are not sure which pollinator suits your pear tree, the nursery will be happy to advise you. There are also extensive overviews on the Internet of which pear varieties fertilize each other.

Pear trees with two varieties on one tree

Another solution is pear cultivation, in which the rootstock is refined with two different types of pear. Such cultivars carry two varieties on one tree. You just have to make sure that the flowering time of the two selected strains falls in the same time.

Tips & Tricks

There is not enough space for two pear trees in most gardens. Simply place several pear trees as espalier fruit on the house wall or on wire frames in the garden. Espalier pears take up little space. You can therefore easily plant several varieties.