How much does a bluebell tree grow per year?

How much does a bluebell tree grow per year?

The bluebell tree can be about 12 to 15 meters high and the rounded and rather weakly branched crown is just as wide. Its wood is quite light but still hard. It is also easy to work with, which makes it an interesting construction timber, but also suitable for furniture, table tennis bats, surfboards and even musical instruments.

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The growth of a young bluebell tree

A young bluebell tree (bot. Paulownia) grows particularly quickly, both in height and in width. The increase can be as much as two meters. However, the young shoots are quite sensitive to frost. So it can happen that they freeze off in winter.

Cut back frozen shoots in spring to prevent germs from entering. Usually a fork forms at this point. In the first one or two winters, you should better move your bluebell tree to a frost-free winter quarters.

The growth of the older bluebell tree

Over time, the bluebell tree becomes more robust and can withstand temperatures below freezing. The growth is slowing down and is around 40 per year. Individual shoots grow up to one meter in this time.

Interesting facts about the wood of the bluebell tree:

  • fast growing
  • light
  • very hard
  • easy to work with
  • low thermal conductivity
  • suitable for window construction, interior construction and insulation


The young shoots of the bluebell tree are quite sensitive to frost, so frost-free overwintering is recommended.