Information about planting lady's mantle

Information about planting lady's mantle

Which location is suitable for the lady's mantle?

Lady's mantle is considered frugal and willingly adapts to the given location. It prefers to grow in a sunny to partially shaded location. But it can thrive even in light shade. It is important to ensure that it is not exposed to periods of drought or heat. Therefore, direct and wind-protected south-facing locations are not advisable.

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What should the soil be like?

It is ideal if you enrich the soil with rotted compost or manure before planting. The floor should have the following characteristics so that lady's mantle can feel comfortable:

  • permeable
  • humus
  • nutritious
  • fresh to moist environment
  • like clay or loam (stores water well)

How can the lady's mantle be increased?

Lady's mantle can easily be propagated. The quickest way to share it is in spring or summer. To do this, dig up the rhizome and divide it with a sharp knife.

But lady's mantle also likes to multiply on its own. It scatters its seeds and these germinate the following spring. They are light germs that have to go through a period of frost. When sowing specifically, make sure that there is a minimum distance of 20 cm between the individual plants.

When and how can the harvest take place?

If you want to use lady's mantle as an herb for tea, for example, you should harvest the leaves before the onset of flowering. After the flowers have formed, the lady's mantle is more suitable for vase cutting.

Which plant neighbors are recommended?

There are plants that require similar location conditions as the lady's mantle. It is worth planting these in the neighborhood of the woman's coat. These include yarrow, cranesbill, gypsophila, forget-me-not, lavender, begonias, cushion bellflowers and roses.

Tips & Tricks

After the lady's mantle has been planted, a lot of attention should be paid to it in the form of a regular supply of water for the first time.