Create a hedge of ivy - this is how it works

Create a hedge of ivy - this is how it works

The right climbing aid

Ivy always needs a climbing aid. This can be an existing wall, a wooden fence or a chain link fence (€ 119.00 at Amazon *). It is important that the framework is stable and that the adhesive roots have a chance to attach themselves to the subsurface.

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In the case of walls, it should be noted that the ivy supply roots can damage the masonry. You shouldn't cover an already dilapidated wall with ivy.

Chain link fences are very often used as the basis for an ivy hedge. Make sure that the fence is stable, because over time ivy will develop a lot of weight. You may have to tighten the tension wires from time to time so that the hedge does not hang down.

How to make a hedge of ivy

  • Loosen the soil
  • Apply drainage if necessary
  • remove weeds
  • Possibly improve the soil with compost
  • Insert ivy
  • pour on
  • cut later
  • tie up tendrils if necessary

You can plant ivy all year round. When planting in autumn you should protect the young plants from frost and drying out with a mulch cover.

The soil must be loose. Waterlogging is to be avoided at all costs. In soil that is too moist, you should create a drainage beforehand.

Place the ivy plants 35 to 45 centimeters apart next to the trellis. In the first few years you still have to tie the tendrils by hand.

Care of the ivy corner

You should cut an ivy corner regularly. Otherwise it will be too high. It should also be thinned out occasionally to prevent fungi and pests. Remove tendrils that are growing on the ground.

Ivy does not tolerate drought well. The hedge must therefore be watered regularly, especially in the first few years. Water them even in winter when the soil is very dry.


You can now find inexpensive, raised hedges made of ivy in stores. These are delivered by the meter and only need to be planted on a suitable trellis.