How to juice elderberries in a steam extractor

How to juice elderberries in a steam extractor

Juicing in the steam extractor step by step

  1. Wash the berry umbels under running water and let them dry on a kitchen towel.
  2. Remove unripe berries from the elderberry umbels. The green and red elderberries contain a high concentration of the poison sambunigrin and must therefore be disposed of.
  3. Cut off the thick stems of the elderberry umbels. The fine stalks on which the berries sit can be put into the steam juicer.
  4. Put the prepared elderberries in the fruit basket of the steam juicer. To sweeten the juice, you can sprinkle the berries with sugar.
  5. Now place the three elements of the juicer on top of each other: At the bottom is the pot filled with a little water, on top of it the juice collector and above it the filled fruit basket.
  6. Put the lid on and place the steam extractor on the stove.
  7. After an hour at the latest, the elderberries are completely juiced - the juice is in the collecting container. You can now remove the clamp on the pouring tube and fill the finished elderberry juice into prepared bottles.

Benefits of Using a Steam Extractor

If you use a steam juicer to juice elderberries, you save yourself several steps:

Since the thinner green stems can stay on the berries, you don't have to laboriously pluck them off. As a result, the berries do not lose any juice prematurely and you do not have to clean your kitchen and clothes, which are soiled with the strongly coloring elderberry juice.

If you want to refine your elderberry juice with other fruits or sugar, you can do this directly in the steam juicer: for example, add pieces of apple to the elderberries or sprinkle some sugar over them. A dash of apple juice that you pour over the berries will give the elderberry juice a fine taste later.

The elderberry juice is heated by the steam during extraction in the steam extractor. So it can be used immediately and does not have to be boiled again to render the poisonous Sambunigrin harmless. If you use sterile bottles, the hot-bottled juice can be kept for several months without further boiling down.

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