Grow or buy beech seedlings

Grow or buy beech seedlings

Growing beech seedlings yourself

You can grow beech seedlings yourself. There are three different ways to do this:

  • sowing
  • Cuttings
  • Mossing

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A prerequisite for self-breeding is the presence of a manable beech tree on which beechnuts grow, or a beech hedge from which you can cut cuttings.

Removing moss from beech seedlings is not that easy and is usually only practiced by experienced gardeners.

Sow beeches or propagate by cuttings

When you grow beech from beech nuts, the first thing you get is beech seedlings, which only consist of a small stem and two leaves. They are preferably cared for in pots until they have developed enough leaves and are planted as seedlings.

Caution: Beech seeds only germinate if they have gone through a longer cold phase. This overcomes the inhibition of germs.

You cut cuttings from a not too old beech tree in spring. The cuttings are put in a pot or on the spot in the ground. It took a few months before the cuttings could sprout and continue to be cared for as seedlings.

Buy beech seedlings at the nursery

If you are in a hurry or if you cannot get beech seeds or cuttings, buy beech seedlings from specialist shops.

You have the choice whether you want to buy a larger seedling for a single tree or smaller ones for a hedge. The price of hedge plants is much lower than that of a single tree.

Beech seedlings are also offered online. Here the small trees are often quite cheap. However, you will not get any detailed advice or compensation if the beech tree does not grow. You will almost always be reimbursed the price for a non-grown beech seedling at a local specialist company.


Basically, a single beech tree or many small beeches for a beech hedge can be grown from each seedling. The later size and spread depends exclusively on the pruning of the beech.