Oleander in the garden prefers a sunny location

Oleander in the garden prefers a sunny location

Oleander loves it warm and sunny

In summer you should place oleanders in full sun and warm, because if there is a lack of light and cold the plant will refuse to flower. Above all, make sure that the bucket is protected from wind and rain, and ideally it should have a protective wall behind it - it is even better if the oleander is also under a roof overhang or the like so that the sensitive flowers do not rain to get. The varieties with double flowers in particular are very sensitive to rain, because the delicate flowers can turn brown and even become infected with moisture-loving fungi.

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Hibernate as cool as possible - then oleander can also stand in the dark

The evergreen oleander only needs little light in winter, provided that you overwinter it as cool as possible at a maximum of five degrees Celsius. The warmer the location in the cold season, the brighter it has to be there.

Oleander needs a lot of moisture - but not from above

Although oleander cannot stand rain, it still needs a lot of water. You can water the shrub once or twice a day during the hot summer months. It doesn't harm him if the saucer is under the pot full of water and the plant has wet feet. Some Italian connoisseurs may now object that the free-growing oleanders in their homeland are on bone-dry soil. Rest assured, it only seems that way to you. The plant prefers to grow in bodies of water where the water table is comparatively low. The roots reach very deep, so that the oleander gets the necessary moisture directly from the ground.


In cold and rainy summers, the oleander blooms may well fail - after all, the shrub only blooms when it is warm and sunny enough. In this case, it is best to place the plant in an adequately lit conservatory.