Do pansies need frost protection?

Do pansies need frost protection?

Both pansies and horned violets are two years old. This means that the plants sown in summer will flower in the following year. If sown early (by July), the first flowers can appear as early as October / November. In mild weather, the pansies bloom through the winter months.

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Pansies are frost-resistant

Since the beginning of the 19th century, apart from large flowers and an early flowering period, winter hardiness has also been considered a breeding goal for pansies. When buying seeds and plants, one should pay attention to which varieties have good winter hardiness. Horned violets (Viola cornuta) and wild pansy (Viola tricolor) are particularly hardy to frost.

What are the dangers in winter?

The pansies that are sown outdoors are quite robust. They can handle changes in frost and thaw and a blanket of snow without any problems. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to overwinter the pansies in the window boxes and other small plant containers without protection.

  • Pansies don't like a cold winter without snow,
  • Danger of drying out at locations in full sun,
  • If the soil is too wet, the root ball freezes so that no more water can be absorbed.

To remedy the situation

The experts also recommend winter protection of the plantations outdoors. In rough locations, the beds can be covered with brushwood, a leaf or straw layer or fleece. In addition, care should be taken that a rain-protected place is chosen for the pansies that overwinter outdoors. However, if necessary, it should be poured.

Tips & Tricks

The self-grown plants are less sensitive to frost than those that are bought ready. The pansies offered in spring in particular are raised in frost-free greenhouses and are sensitive to the cold.