Judas tree - beautiful species and varieties for every garden

Judas tree - beautiful species and varieties for every garden

Common Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum)

The common or common Judas tree is also known as the heart or love tree because of its heart-shaped to kidney-shaped leaves. He loves calcareous, dry soils and a warm and sheltered location.

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The most beautiful varieties of the Cercis siliquastrum

varietyFlower colorHeydayStatureWidthleavesWinter hardiness
Judas sheetpurple pinkAprilup to 6 metersup to 5 metersgreenneeds protection in youth
AlbaWhiteAprilup to 2.5 metersup to 2 meterslight green / golden yellow in autumnneeds protection
Bodnantdark pinkApril to Mayup to 12 metersup to 8 meterslight greenneeds protection
Rubradark redApril to Mayup to 8 metersup to 5 metersgray-greenneeds protection in youth

Canadian Judas Tree (Cercis canadensis)

This species originates from North America, but is there - very different from the name suggests - especially in the southern United States. However, it also shows good winter hardiness in our country.

The most beautiful varieties of Cercis canadensis

varietyFlower colorHeydayStatureWidthleavesWinter hardiness
Forest PansypinkAprilup to 4 metersup to 4 metersdark red shootsneeds protection
Lavender twistpink-purpleAprilup to 5 metersup to 4 metersgreen / hanging shootsneeds protection in youth
Hearts of Goldlight purpleAprilup to 4 metersup to 2.5 metersgolden yellowneeds protection

Chinese judas tree (Cercis chinensis)

The Chinese Judas tree, on the other hand, is wonderfully suitable for keeping in a bucket due to its small size. This species grows rather like a shrub and is rarely raised as a tree.

The most beautiful varieties of the Cercis chinensis

varietyFlower colorHeydayStatureWidthleavesWinter hardiness
Avondalepurple-redAprilup to 2.5 metersup to 2 metersgreen / yellow in autumnneeds protection
Don EgolfpinkAprilup to 3 metersup to 2 metersgreenneeds protection

Upright Judas Tree (Cercis glabra)

This species also grows rather like a shrub, but is very hardy and therefore well suited for German gardens. The upright Judas tree can grow up to four meters high.


All Judas trees are very compatible with pruning and can be kept in the desired shape by means of suitable pruning measures.