Tips for caring for an ornamental pineapple

Tips for caring for an ornamental pineapple

What is the water requirement of an ornamental pineapple?

The ornamental pineapple does not tolerate waterlogging, so the soil in the pot should be able to dry on the surface between the individual waterings. Since these are tropical plants from Central and South America, high humidity is necessary for strong and healthy growth. Since this is difficult to achieve in a normal living room, the rosette-like leaves of an ornamental pineapple should be sprayed with lime-free water at least every two days.

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Should an ornamental pineapple be repotted regularly?

Since the ornamental pineapple grows relatively slowly, it does not necessarily have to be repotted if the plant pot chosen is sufficiently large.

How should an ornamental pineapple be cut?

The life cycle of the ornamental pineapple is similar to that of the pineapple grown for consumption and usually dies after a single blossom and fruiting. The fruits of an ornamental pineapple can sometimes be unsuitable for consumption like an unripe pineapple. But you can cut off the stalk of the fruit and split it up for propagation. In some cases, side shoots also form, which can be cut off and planted.

How can the ornamental pineapple be protected from pests?

A winter scale insect infestation in ornamental pineapples can have the following reasons:

  • too dark location
  • overdosed fertilization
  • a generally weakened plant

What diseases can an ornamental pineapple affect?

In principle, ornamental pineapples are not particularly susceptible to diseases, but care errors such as a substrate that is too wet or cool temperatures can severely affect the plant.

How should the ornamental pineapple be fertilized?

In summer, the ornamental pineapple can be fertilized every two weeks, in winter, depending on the incidence of light and growth, it should be fertilized a maximum of once a month.

How should the optimal winter location for an ornamental pineapple be?

The not hardy ornamental pineapple can cope with a little less daylight and slightly cooler temperatures in winter. However, fertilization and water supply should also be adapted accordingly to the winter site conditions on the windowsill.


If an ornamental pineapple does not really want to thrive, it is often due to an incorrectly selected location. The ornamental pineapple appreciates direct sunlight in the morning and evening hours. During lunchtime, however, shading should soften the direct incidence of light. In addition, the temperatures at the location of the ornamental pineapples should not fall below 25 degrees Celsius if possible.

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