Love bush - vital and abundant thanks to this care!

Love bush - vital and abundant thanks to this care!

What is essential to know when cutting?

The love pearl bush finds it difficult to make friends with cutting tools. Especially if you make a radical cut into the old wood on him, he can resent this. Therefore it should be cut moderately.

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Basically, the following must be observed:

  • blooms on biennial wood (cutting leads to fewer flowers and fruits)
  • Clearance cut: in summer
  • Recommendation: cut back slightly every 3 years
  • if it is bald, prune more in spring
  • ideal cutting time: February

Do you have to fertilize the love pearl bush?

In contrast to most other plants, the love pearl bush does not need regular fertilization - and yet it produces abundant fruit. You are welcome to work some compost or horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) into the soil when planting. Later, if you think it necessary, you can provide the shrub with humus every spring.

Can the love pearl bush tolerate drought or does it have to be watered all the time?

Since the slightly poisonous beautiful fruit cannot tolerate prolonged drought, it should be watered when there is no rain. Use water with little lime for watering. Be careful not to water the shrub too generously, as waterlogging can quickly damage it.

Are there diseases and pests that afflict it?

There are no specific pests and diseases known to affect the love pearl bush. If there is a fungal attack, simply cut off the affected parts! Leaf damage occurs more often from salts in the earth, which can get there in winter through road salt, for example.

Why should young specimens be protected in winter and with what?

This is worth knowing for the winter:

  • sensitive to frost in the first 3 years
  • Protect the trunk area with fleece, jute, bark mulch or compost
  • Branches can freeze back
  • Cut back frozen food in spring
  • overwinter freshly propagated specimens indoors


The cutting off of individual branches in order to use them as decoration in a vase with fruit trimmings is compatible with this large shrub.