When is the best time to cut peppermint?

When is the best time to cut peppermint?

Cut peppermint for immediate consumption

Basically, you can harvest peppermint at any time. Whenever you need a few leaves for a dessert or tea, cut off the required amount.

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Peppermint is non-toxic after flowering and can also be harvested afterwards. The aroma is a bit bitter then.

You can harvest both the leaves and the stems. That depends on how much herbs you need for the food or drinks.

What and when do you cut peppermint?

  • Sharp scissors
  • Alternatively sharp knife
  • First main harvest before flowering
  • Second main harvest in autumn

Always cut the peppermint above the bottom

Peppermint can either be harvested as individual leaves or the entire stem can be cut. The latter is useful if you want to preserve the herb by drying it.

It is best to use scissors for this, with which the stems can be easily cut. With the knife you damage the stems so that pathogens can penetrate.

If possible, cut the herb back above the ground. This also stimulates new growth.

Prune peppermint before flowering and in autumn

During the two main harvest seasons, cut back the plant completely.

Peppermint harvested before flowering has the strongest aroma. It is therefore particularly suitable for processing.

Preserving peppermint cut in autumn is only worthwhile if the summer has been very warm and dry. After cool summers, the plants have too little aroma.

Cut the peppermint into shape

To keep the plants in check, you can prune them regularly. Powerful pruning does not harm the peppermint. Often it then drives out even more.

Tips & Tricks

Peppermint that you want to preserve should be cut on a dry morning if it rained the day before. The herbs are then well dry and you do not have to wash them because dust and dirt have already been washed off by the rainwater.