Cherry trees enrich domestic gardens

Cherry trees enrich domestic gardens

Which cherry trees are suitable for growing in the home garden?

For cultivation in the home garden - depending on the size of the garden - cherry trees in the form of tall trunks, half-trunks or bush trees are suitable. Column and shaped fruit can also be grown on the terraces or balconies in sufficiently large planters. The choice of varieties is considerable for both sweet and sour cherries. You should not be guided by the taste of the fruit alone, but above all by the local and climatic conditions.

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In which location do cherry trees thrive?

Cherry trees - especially the sour cherries - do not have high demands on the location. As long as the garden area is sufficiently sunny and protected and the soil is not too heavy or too wet, the sweet and sour cherry trees planted in a suitable manner deliver consistently high yields. Due to the early flowering, the cultivation of sweet cherries in late frost locations is only possible to a limited extent.

When and how do you plant cherry trees?

Autumn planting is best for sweet and sour cherries. The young cherry trees develop wound tissue and fibrous roots in the winter, as long as there is no degree of frost. They are therefore partially rooted by the start of budding and can immediately begin their normal water and nutrient uptake. Planting is not done before mid-October.

How do you propagate cherry trees?

Every cherry tree consists of at least two plant parts: a root part (the base) and a sprout part (the noble rice). The propagation takes place by grafting the noble rice onto the base. In this way, the variety of noble rice lives on in the new cherry tree. In principle, it is possible to grow a cherry tree from a cherry pit. However, it remains uncertain which fruits or whether it will bear fruit at all. In fruit growing, therefore, the risk of sexual reproduction is avoided and it is propagated vegetatively by means of grafting.

Do many flowers mean many fruits?

The sweet cherry begins to bloom from mid-April and the sour cherry from late April / early May. In general, the numerous blooms promise a good yield. However, the flower must first be fertilized for it to develop into a cherry. Most sour cherries are self-fertile, the sweet cherries usually need a suitable pollinating cherry tree nearby that is blooming at the same time.

Tips & Tricks

An important care measure for the cherry trees is regular pruning. This not only keeps the crown in shape, but also promotes flowering and yield.

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