Watering thuja correctly - how to water the tree of life correctly

Watering thuja correctly - how to water the tree of life correctly

Pour thuja properly - with a sure instinct!

The earth must never dry out completely. But waterlogging is just as harmful. Therefore, you need to water the thuja regularly, especially at the beginning, without overdoing it.

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Take into account that you will have to water a tree of life outdoors - whether planted as a hedge or a single tree - in the first two years. Later you only have to water when it is very dry.

Watering is required more often when caring for in the tub, as the soil in the pot dries out faster.

When is the best time to water thuja?

  • Water in the morning
  • never in the midday sun
  • Avoid wetting the leaves if possible
  • Do not water in the evening

Watering in the morning has proven itself, as the leaves can then dry off by the breeze by the evening. If the moisture remains on the needles for too long, there is a risk of fungal attack.

If you water in the midday sun, the needles will burn and the thuja will turn brown. While this is not dangerous, it makes the hedge unsightly.

Avoid waterlogging

Waterlogging is just as dangerous as drought for the thuja. Before planting, it is essential to create a drainage system so that the rainwater can seep into the ground.

When caring for thuja in the bucket, make sure that the drainage hole is large enough. Do not place the pot on a coaster outdoors where rainwater could collect.


A mulch cover made of bark mulch, lawn clippings, leaves or chopped garden scraps prevents the soil from drying out too much and fertilizes the soil at the same time. The ceiling should be renewed annually.