The beautiful time of the linden blossom - when the time comes

The beautiful time of the linden blossom - when the time comes

The heyday of the native linden species

After the merry month of May comes June - the first summer month and the brightest phase of the year. Early summer is full of a positive mood and fresh vitality. The fact that the linden trees also begin to unfold their delicate, fragrant flowers at this time fits all too well into this picture.

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In general, June is the beginning of the linden blossom. However, the flowering phase varies depending on the weather conditions of the year and the type of linden tree. Overall, there is a broad, continuous foraging period for the native linden tree species until August. This is not only relevant for lovers of lime blossom fragrances and busy collectors, but above all for beekeepers. Because together with the flowering phase, the linden trees are attacked almost every year by aphids, which secrete the honeydew, which is so valuable for varietal honey.

The native linden species that provide for the season from June to the beginning of August are - in flowering chronological order:

  • Summer linden tree
  • Winter linden
  • Dutch linden trees
  • Crimean linden tree
  • Silver linden

The large-leaved summer linden tree is the first of all and unfolds its flowers in the first third of June when the weather is warm. About two weeks later it is the turn of the winter linden tree, which will bloom together with the Dutch linden tree until around mid-July. Crimean and silver linden trees complete the flowering period until the beginning of August.

Long time to first bloom

It takes many years for a linden tree to flower for the first time. So if you plant a linden tree in your garden, you have to be patient in this regard.