Creating a new garden from a financial point of view - overview of the costs

Creating a new garden from a financial point of view - overview of the costs

Two rules of thumb indicate the direction

It is useful to make a rough estimate of the costs before commissioning a horticultural company to build your outdoor facility. The following two rules of thumb have proven themselves in practice as a valuable guide for budget planning:

  • Guide value for garden design by a horticultural company: 12 to 18 percent of the construction sum
  • Alternatively: 40 to 100 euros per square meter of garden area

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Both calculation methods relate to the creation of the house entrance, garage entrance, fencing, terrace, planting and lawn. There are also additional costs if you want to create a new pond or stream or integrate additional design elements.

Central influencing factors for budget planning

Once the general direction has been determined, the main influencing factors on the level of costs come into focus. The following brief overview gives you all the important positions:

  • Building materials for paths and terraces: from 10 euros (concrete pavement) to 100 euros (natural stone) per square meter
  • Garden design with stone including laying by a horticultural company: from 90 to 250 euros per square meter
  • Trees for fencing and as scaffolding: from 10 to 60 euros per square meter

You have maximum leeway for the cost structure when choosing the plants, as the following example shows. If you plant a hedge as an enclosure, the plant type and size determine the price. You can get evergreen privet as a 40-60 cm high root product for 1 euro each, with a plant requirement of 5 pieces per meter. A privet at the right privacy screen height, on the other hand, costs a whopping 36 euros, with a plant requirement of 2 pieces per meter.

Personal contribution reduces the cost pressure

If the construction financing is sewn on edge, you can reduce the cost pressure considerably with your own contribution. This applies equally to house building and garden design. You should therefore carefully examine the financial planning of what work you can do yourself with friends and relatives.

In this way, preparatory work, such as the removal of old paving stones or trees, can easily be carried out by laypeople. You commission a horticultural company to do technically demanding work such as paving paths and patios. If you plan with foresight, the costs will also decrease. If an excavator is on site to excavate the cellar, it should immediately excavate the planned pond.


When purchasing the building plot, make sure that it is flat. You can usually straighten a slight slope yourself. On a hillside property, however, you will be confronted with considerable additional costs, such as retaining walls, palisades or similar methods of slope support.