How toxic is bamboo to cats?

How toxic is bamboo to cats?

Prepare the bamboo cats friendly

Always rinse newly purchased bamboo plants well, as they are usually sprayed against vermin. Or buy unsprayed bamboo plants. Neither bamboo plants in the garden nor room bamboo are poisonous for cats.

Mother nature protects humans and cats

But still be careful! Young sprouts and shoots can contain hydrocyanic acid and must not be accessible to cats! Very few types of bamboo are poisonous. The toxins are found in bamboo seeds, raw bamboo shoots and young shoots.

Mother nature protects against poisonous bamboo seeds through the bad raw taste and the rare cycle of the bamboo blossom from 80 to 100 years. In addition, the bamboo species native to us are non-toxic. Neither as a bamboo lover nor as a cat lover do you need to worry whether bamboo is toxic to cats.

Tips & Tricks

Every cat is individual and can react differently to plant substances. In particular, keep insatiable nibbling cats away from the bamboo before they completely destroy it.