What is the difference between apple quince and pear quince?

What is the difference between apple quince and pear quince?

Apple and pear quince - the main differences:

Apple quincePear quinces
Appearanceround like an appletapering towards the style
Pulphard and rather drysoft but not muddy,
interspersed with many stone cellshardly any stone cells
tastevery aromaticmild quince aroma
processingsomewhat laboriousuncomplicated

The variety difference is also reflected in the use

Pear quinces are a tasty culinary delight when consumed raw. As soon as you cut the fruit, the juice exudes a wonderful aroma. Since it is easier to cut, the pear quince is ideal for pastries such as a tart. It also works very well in fruit salads.

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Apple quinces, on the other hand, are rather inedible raw because of their hard, woody flesh. However, these fruits can be wonderfully processed into compotes and jams. Due to the high pectin content, the jelly turns out without any problems and you can even use the bowl.

Both types of schnapps and liqueurs can be prepared, which taste extremely delicate due to the wonderful aroma of the fruit.

How are quinces stored?

Both apple and pear quinces are quite sensitive fruits that quickly become bruised and then spoil. Store this in a cool, airy place away from apples, pears, and vegetables. The fruits should be placed side by side and not touching. This will keep them fresh for a month or two.


Quinces are an excellent remedy for coughs. Their cores contain large amounts of mucous substances that cover the irritated airways like a protective coat. You can put the kernels in a little water and bring to the boil, which forms what is known as quince slime. Dried seeds can be sucked like cough drops. Please do not chew, because they taste very bitter and contain hydrogen cyanide.