Maintaining Aeschynanthus - tips and tricks

Maintaining Aeschynanthus - tips and tricks

The ideal location for the Aeschynanthus

The pubic flower loves it bright and warm, but it does not tolerate the blazing sun well. Therefore it stands better on a bright east or west window than on a south window, where it should be shaded over the midday hours. A north window might be too dark for her, however.

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Since many varieties of pubic flowers develop long hanging shoots, they are very suitable for planting hanging baskets. If the Aeschynanthus is moved while it is bearing buds or flowers, these could fall off. So avoid changing location during this time. The temperature should be between 20 ° C and 25 ° C during the growth phase.

Water and fertilize the Aeschynanthus properly

Your Aeschynanthus likes the warm and humid climate best. Accordingly, it should be watered regularly. If its root ball dries out, the plant could die. From March to August, give her a little liquid fertilizer about every two weeks.

The pubic flower is extremely grateful for occasional spraying with lukewarm, lime-free water. In this way you ensure optimal humidity and at the same time prevent infestation with annoying aphids.

Hibernate the pubic flower

In winter you should allow your pubic flower to hibernate at around 16 ° C. The plant does not grow during this time, but it will bloom abundantly in the next year. It is essential that you limit the amount and frequency of watering, but do not let the soil dry out. Without hibernation, your Aeschynanthus will bloom much more sparsely.

The essentials in brief:

  • Location: warm, bright, without direct sunlight
  • Humidity: rather high
  • Temperature: between 20 ° C and 25 ° C
  • pour regularly and sprinkle with water
  • Use lukewarm and lime-free water, preferably rainwater
  • fertilize: from March to August about every 2 weeks
  • Hibernation at around 16 ° C promotes flowering


Regular spraying of your Aeschynanthus ensures the necessary humidity and at the same time prevents infestation with aphids.