Growing moss with buttermilk - how to do it right

Growing moss with buttermilk - how to do it right

The choice of base and location set the course

It belongs in the land of fables that you can grow moss on any surface and in any location. As practice has shown, the rootless land plant is very picky in this regard. You can only hope for a lush green moss cushion when the following premises are met:

  • Outdoor a location in the vicinity of which moss has already settled
  • Ideally the north side of a facade or wall
  • Indoor in a partially shaded to shady place in a humid environment
  • Ideally on a surface covered with fleece

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Instructions for recipe and procedure

Choose a type of moss that is native to your region. Collect 2 handfuls of this and remove soil and impurities under running water. Put the moss in a blender and add 2 cups of buttermilk as a nutrient medium. Let the mixer run until it has a creamy, non-dripping consistency. How to proceed:

  • Pour the moss buttermilk into a bucket
  • Moisten the pad with water
  • Then apply the mixture with a brush

Your work will be easier if you use ready-made stencils or sketch out the desired shape. Please keep the cultivated moss continuously slightly moist in the following time by spraying it with soft water. In view of the slow growth, it will take at least 2 months before a satisfactory result is achieved.


A lot of patience is required until a handsome cushion is formed from moss and buttermilk. It is faster by sticking pieces of moss you have collected in the forest on the desired surface. You can do this with a simple, inexpensive paper glue from the department store.