Propagate the hazelnut with cuttings

Propagate the hazelnut with cuttings

Step number 1: cut and trim a branch

Whether a wild hazelnut or one from your garden - you should wait until autumn to propagate via cuttings. After the harvest or after the fruit has fallen, a strong branch of a healthy mother plant can be cut off.

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The branch forms the later basis of the plant. It should be between 10 and 20 cm long. Remove the bottom leaves. If you already have a hazelnut bush, you can combine the procedure with annual pruning.

Step number 2: Put the branch in the ground

After cutting, the branch is put into suitable soil such as potting soil. 1/3 of the branch should be in the ground. Pots can be used or the branch can be placed outdoors in a protected, bright and not full sun. Then it is poured and kept moist for the rest of the time.

Step number 3: plant the cutting out

After a few weeks, the branch - usually not visible - has developed the first roots. However, you should wait until spring until it reaches its final location. The first buds can usually be seen in spring.

Then the following points must be observed:

  • plant the cutting in loose soil
  • best time: after the ice saints in May
  • water regularly at first
  • Remove more competitive weeds in the immediate vicinity in the first few weeks

Tips & Tricks

The method of cuttings propagation for hazelnuts usually produces good results. Another tried-and-tested method is to multiply by means of sinkers.