Is Ornamental Pepper Edible?

Is Ornamental Pepper Edible?

How should I care for my ornamental pepper?

Peperomia obtusfolia is considered to be slightly poisonous. The plant is available with green leaves or with variegated leaves. While green-leaved varieties tolerate partial shade well, variegated varieties need a lot of light. If they do not get this, they lose their interesting color and simply turn green. They usually only grow to about 30 cm.

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All varieties of Peperomia obtusfolia do not tolerate direct sunlight on a south-facing window. Greater temperature fluctuations and drafts should be avoided. Room temperatures between 18 ° C and 23 ° C are ideal. Temperatures below about 15 ° C are not good for these plants. Water sparingly and, if possible, with rainwater. Also, make sure there is good humidity, otherwise your ornamental pepper will easily suffer from pests.

Capsicum annum, on the other hand, prefers a sunny and airy location where the temperature does not rise above about 20 ° C. It should also be poured sparingly, cannot tolerate drafts and waterlogging. Give him a little fertilizer once a week. In summer he can stand in a sheltered place in the garden or on the balcony.

Capsicum annum as a medicinal plant

Capsicum annum is also traded under the names Turkish or Spanish pepper and Mexican paprika. Other types are also known as ornamental pepper. So always look out for the botanical name before harvesting the fruit.

The most important ingredient in Capsicum annum is capsaicin. It has a pain-relieving effect and increases blood circulation. It is (applied externally) a popular remedy for rheumatism and joint problems. However, self-treatment is not recommended.

The most important information about Capsicum annum in brief:

  • Edible fruits
  • green plant parts poisonous!
  • belongs to the nightshade family
  • Location: sunny and airy, not above 20 ° C
  • pour rather little
  • Avoid waterlogging at all costs
  • fertilize once a week
  • allowed outside in summer
  • does not tolerate wind or drafts


Ornamental pepper, regardless of its type, is a very decorative houseplant that requires little care in the right location. But it is at least partially poisonous.