Handy stash: freeze French beans

Handy stash: freeze French beans

What are French beans?

The term French beans includes numerous types of beans that have one thing in common: They do not grow taller than 60 centimeters and therefore do not need any climbing support. So you stand opposite the other well-known and popular garden beans, the runner beans. Both the green bean pods, which are harvested immature, and the ripe bean kernels are cooked and edible.

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Prepare green bean pods or fresh bean kernels

To freeze green beans, clean them beforehand by washing them, drying them, cutting off both ends, peeling off any threads, and cutting the beans in half or third across.

The preparation of the ripe bean kernels is limited to breaking open the bean pods and pulling out the kernels.

Freezing raw French beans

The quickest way to do this is to freeze the French beans raw. You should bear in mind that the frozen beans lose their color, aroma and vitamins faster than previously blanched beans.

Put the prepared green beans or bean kernels in a suitable freezer container, for example freezer bags or boxes made of plastic or stainless steel with a lid. Don't forget to label them with the date of the freeze and the contents. Squeeze as much air out of freezer bags as possible before sealing. Then put the wrapped beans in the *** freezer compartment.

Freezing blanched French beans

Blanching the beans destroys enzymes that cause the bean to age, i.e. negatively affect its taste, vitamin content and external appearance. This is why it is beneficial to freeze blanched beans.

  1. Boil plenty of salted water.
  2. Put the prepared beans in the boiling water.
  3. After two to three minutes of cooking, pour them off.
  4. Put the beans in ice water for a moment to interrupt the cooking process.
  5. Let the blanched beans cool and dry completely.
  6. Place them in labeled freezer bags (press the air out before sealing) or suitable boxes with lids and carefully seal them before freezing.

What should you watch out for when defrosting and processing?

Beans must be cooked through completely before consumption, as they contain the poisonous protein phasin. Heat destroys it, making the beans edible. This applies to both green beans and bean kernels.

Since the French beans cannot be eaten raw, you do not need to thaw them before processing. Simply put the entire contents of the freezer into boiling salted water and cook the green beans for at least ten minutes, the bean kernels for at least 15 minutes. These values ​​depend on the thickness of the beans. For example, if you're making a stew, you can add the frozen beans directly to the broth and cook for a long enough time.

Frozen beans should be used within a year.