Use of lemon balm - a feast for the senses

Use of lemon balm - a feast for the senses

Traditional medicinal herb - this is where the forces of nature work

When lemon balm was named Medicinal Plant of the Year in 1988 and Medicinal Plant of the Year in 2006, it was rightly so. Thanks to the numerous valuable ingredients, healers use the leaves to this day for the relief of health problems. The pharmaceutical industry can no longer do without lemon balm either. The following overview provides information on common uses:

  • to calm the nerves and promote sleep as a tea
  • Antispasmodic for gastrointestinal complaints as a liquid or dry extract
  • to heal inflammation of the skin as bath oil
  • soothes migraines and headaches as a tea infusion or by inhalation

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Homeopaths process lemon balm leaves into an ointment to cure the dreaded herpes disease. In addition, lemon balm is a main component of the classic natural medicine Klosterfrau-Melissa spirit.

Refreshing drinking pleasure

Nobody has to be ailing to enjoy the refreshing pleasure of lemon balm. Health-conscious housewives conjure up a very healthy family tea. To do this, use a tablespoon of dried lemon balm leaves and scald them with 1 liter of boiling water. Let it steep for 10 minutes, strain and use warm or cold as a thirst quencher for young and old.

Aromatic culinary herbs - lemon balm enriches the menu

The gourmets among the hobby gardeners use home-grown lemon balm to refine numerous hot and cold dishes. Thanks to the fruity aroma, you can process the fresh leaves in invigorating punch or delicious fruit desserts. The fine mint aroma goes wonderfully with sweet dairy dishes and also rounds off spicy fish dishes.

Fragrant houseplant - just breathe in well-being

Clever hobby gardeners use lemon balm as a houseplant to take advantage of the beneficial attributes in their home.

  • the essential oils create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation
  • With its herbaceous habit and pretty leaves, lemon balm is a feast for the eyes
  • Countless white flowers attract everyone's attention from June to August

Set up on the windowsill in the kitchen, the fragrant lemon balm creates an appetizing ambience. Not to mention the short way for the cook to harvest the leaves.

Swarmed bees and butterflies pasture

Lemon balm has become an indispensable part of the natural garden. With its incomparable bouquet, it attracts crowds of busy bees, fluttering butterflies and other beneficial insects. Hard times are dawning for the pests on the ornamental and useful plants in your green kingdom.

Tips & Tricks

As versatile as lemon balm can be used in fine cuisine, in one case the leaves run out of aromatic breath: You should not expose the lemon balm to a few minutes in boiling water. Ideally, process the herb leaves freshly harvested and only add them to the food immediately before serving.