Real laurel - overwinter and care

Real laurel - overwinter and care

The origin of the laurel

In the wild, the real laurel grows in the southern European countries on the Mediterranean. Accordingly, the laurel grown in pots is not only suitable for a sophisticated shape cut, but also as a Mediterranean design element for the terrace, balcony and garden.

Hibernate real laurel properly

In contrast to the cherry laurel, which is popular as a hedge plant, the real laurel can only survive the winter outdoors in very mild regions of Central Europe and with appropriate protection. Before outdoor temperatures drop below freezing over the long term, you should place potted bay laurel plants in a room with a temperature between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. There the laurel should be wintered frost-free and light.

Tips & Tricks

In winter quarters, the real laurel should only be poured very sparingly, as it does not tolerate waterlogging well.