Brown caps are perfect for freezing

Brown caps are perfect for freezing

Prepare brown caps correctly

However, brown caps must be prepared thoroughly before freezing: like so many boletus, their meat is very popular with snails, maggots and other animals. The larger specimens in particular are often completely worm-eaten and should therefore be left standing. Cut the mushrooms you find on the spot lengthways to check them for maggots - otherwise the surprise at home is sometimes big. Then carefully clean the mushrooms at home:

  • Cut off the hard part of the stem.
  • Remove the mushroom sponge.
  • Check the fungi for gold mold infestation.
  • Cut off eating and damaged areas.
  • Peel off the hat skin.
  • Carefully remove dirt with the tip of the knife and a damp cloth.

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Chestnuts should not be washed, if possible, as their tubes soak up water very quickly. After cleaning, cut the mushrooms into bite-sized pieces.

Freeze brown caps

The appropriately prepared brown caps can be frozen raw, but also ready-made and ready-made. It is best to blanch the mushrooms in salted water for a few minutes before freezing or to fry them in butter almost completely. The mushrooms treated in this way are quickly cooled down in a water bath and immediately frozen. First pre-freeze the mushrooms at minus 20 ° C in order to store them later at at least minus 18 ° C. They can then be kept in the freezer for up to a year.

Quick meal: freeze prepared brown caps

Of course, it is particularly practical if you can already take a ready-made mushroom dish from the freezer and only have to warm it up. For this purpose, prepare the brown caps as desired - they must be boiled, fried or steamed for at least 15 minutes at a minimum of 70 ° C - taste them and then freeze the dish immediately as described above. Chill the dish quickly and don't leave it at room temperature for a long time! Prepared brown caps can be kept in the freezer for around two to three months.


The aromatic brown caps are also very suitable for drying.

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