Grow the honeydew melon yourself in the garden

Grow the honeydew melon yourself in the garden

Cultivation should start early

Usually honeydew melons are grown in warm locations such as Iran or the Canary Islands, which is why they are sometimes also referred to as “yellow Canaries”. So if you want to plant honeydew melons yourself in this country and also harvest ripe fruits, you have to start sowing the seeds early in the spring. Only if you prefer the honeydew melons on the windowsill from April and plant them outdoors or in a greenhouse in May, you will be able to harvest fully ripe honeydew melons in late summer and autumn with good care.

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Beware of root injuries, drought and strong sun

The roots of all melon species are relatively sensitive to any repositioning immediately after the germination phase. Therefore, when sowing, you should always put two seed kernels in a spring pot or in a rotable plant pot so that you can later leave the stronger plant in it and plant it out completely with the usual substrate. You shouldn't put the young plants in the blazing sun in spring when the weather is sunny, but first get them used to the stronger solar radiation for a few days. Regular watering is necessary, especially when growing melons in pots, so that plump and aromatic fruits can ripen. If you have a greenhouse available, you can grow honeydew melons in it, because it offers the plants:

  • a lot of warmth
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • a controlled moisture balance with increased air humidity
  • Protection against heavy rain and hailstones

Select the best seeds for further propagation

When buying the seeds, make sure not to use hybrid varieties, as these are usually not suitable for further propagation. Otherwise, you should take the seeds from the best fruits of healthy plants and free them from adhering pulp. Then let the seeds dry before putting them in paper bags for winter storage.

Tips & Tricks

The seeds from purchased honeydew melons are only suitable for breeding the plants if they are not hybrid varieties. In general, seeds that you have collected yourself should be stored in paper bags rather than in screw-top jars, as this helps prevent the formation of mold.