Growing a plum tree from the core yourself: It's that easy.

Growing a plum tree from the core yourself: It's that easy.

Stuck core

Completely remove the pulp of the plum from the pit. Then place it directly in the flower pot. The germination time in this case is about three months. There is a way to shorten this. Use a nutcracker to crack the skin of the plum kernel slightly. This way, the moisture gets inside the core faster.

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Store the plum kernel in the freezer for around two to three days. This makes the shell easier to detach from the core.

Correct potting soil

You support sustainable germination of the plum with the right seed compost. It is advisable to use garden soil from the future location.

Plums are cold germs

The short stay at sub-zero temperatures supports rapid germination. It also simulates the cold season. In the spring, a small cutting begins to develop robust leaves.

Plant out the plum tree

From a certain height you can plant the sapling in the garden directly at the chosen location. A sheltered place with sun to partial shade is recommended. Plum trees grow tall. Their roots reach a considerable volume. Calculate between 10 and 20 square meters in advance. The height of growth depends on the variety. We do not recommend moving large trees.

After four to six years, the plum tree begins to bear fruit. Regular watering is important during the first few months. One compost per year supports the development. The following factors support the growth of the plum:

  • Location: sunny
  • pH value: 6 to 6.5
  • heavy, clayey soil possible
  • Compost when planting
  • Mulch layer protects against drying out

Tips & Tricks

Plum kernels from organic farmers are ideal for growing your own tree. Fruit from the supermarket is not a good basis. Self-fruiting varieties are recommended for the orchard.