Get to the kernels: plant medlar kernels

Get to the kernels: plant medlar kernels

What do these cores look like?

The kernels or seeds that are contained in the medlar fruits look just as bizarre as the entire plant with its crown, its flowers and its fruits. The nuclei are strange structures, one might think. They are brownish in color, flat, round to oval, hard and structured. Each core is unique.

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How does the sowing work?

The kernels can be sown either outdoors or in pots at home. A protected place is ideal. For planting outdoors, it is advisable to use clay pots or other decomposing pots. These are filled with substrate and z. B. stuck in the garden.

The first steps

The seeds of the loquat must be exposed to a cold spell before they will show themselves to be willing to germinate. They are best taken from the ripe and soft fruits in autumn. The pulp should be soft so that the seeds are not damaged when removed.

The separated nuclei are stratified over the winter. That means they are exposed to frost. This can be done outdoors over the winter time or artificially, for example in the home freezer or in the freezer.

The next steps

In spring, the seeds are soaked in water for about 24 hours if they have not been sown outdoors. This speeds up the germination process. They can then be placed in potting soil 0.5 cm deep. In the near future, the earth must be moistened regularly.

After cultivation

After cultivation, the young plants should be given a suitable location. The medlar prefers to grow:

  • in a moist and calcareous substrate
  • in a sheltered place
  • in a sunny and warm location

Tips & Tricks

With bad luck, the seeds can take up to two years to germinate. Therefore, other methods of propagation for the medlar are much more recommended.

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