Freeze a supply of lemons

Freeze a supply of lemons

Freeze the whole lemon

It couldn't be simpler: If you often use lemon zest, i.e. the grated zest of the lemon, you can easily rasp it off a frozen lemon with a sharp grater. The lemon goes back to the freezer without defrosting and waits for its next use. You will never have to dispose of a rotten lemon that has only been peeled off.

To do this, take an organic lemon whose peel is suitable for consumption and wash it thoroughly before placing it in the *** freezer compartment.

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Freeze lemon wedges

Frozen lemon slices give homemade lemonades or other cool drinks a special freshness and liveliness. You can also use the frozen lemons as a decoration for food or a buffet, for example.

Again, it is important that you use lemons that have a peel that is suitable for consumption. This will prevent harmful insecticides and chemicals that are used to treat citrus fruits to extend their shelf life from getting into your food.

Wash the lemons thoroughly, dry them and cut them into slices of any thickness. So that these do not stick together when frozen, you should first freeze the lemon slices lying next to each other on a board and only transfer them to freezer bags or boxes with lids when they are frozen.

Freeze lemon juice

Fresh lemon juice needed for cooking, baking or drinks can also be used very well in the frozen version.

  1. Cut the lemons in half crosswise and squeeze them with a citrus juicer.
  2. Put the juice in an ice cube tray and set it straight in the freezer. The lemon juice is already pre-portioned for later use.
  3. If the lemon juice cubes are completely frozen after a few hours, you can transfer them to freezer bags or storage boxes suitable for freezer use.
  4. Either slowly and gently thaw the required amount of lemon juice in the refrigerator or add the frozen cubes directly to the drink or dish. Consume the frozen juice as soon as possible as it loses its aroma after a few months.