What to do when onions germinate

What to do when onions germinate

The onion germinates

If the germs are not yet very large, they can simply be cut off and the onion used as usual. A sprouted onion is not poisonous. The onion itself is a little softer than normal because the germ uses up its strength.

If the germ is still small, cut it can be used as an ingredient in a salad. Its taste is reminiscent of that of spring onions.

If you like, you can let the onion germinate further and use the germs gradually. So you always have fresh onion greens over a longer period of time. The tuber sprouts until its strength is used up and only a soft shell remains.

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Use sprouted onions

Anyone who has a garden or a balcony with planting facilities can also plant the sprouted onion. However, it takes a while for new onions to germinate from the kitchen onion. The sprouted onion will first grow and eventually form a flower. Flowering onions are an eye-catcher in the flower box. (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) The flower will eventually form seeds from which new bulbs can later be grown.

Ideas on how to use germinating onions

Sprouted onions are great to use in the kitchen.

  1. The onion can still be eaten, it is just no longer crisp.
  2. Sprouting onions can be used well for frying or cooking, although they are no longer crisp.
  3. Since the onion is getting softer and softer, it is soon no longer suitable for frying. If you don't want to throw them away, you can stew the leftovers in the goulash, for example.
  4. Young germs are relatively hot and are suitable as an ingredient in herbal quark or in a soup.
  5. Anyone who has an old onion pot made of clay (clay pot with holes all around) can germinate onions in it. The germs grow out of the holes and so you always have fresh onion greens at hand.