Help - ants have settled in my flower pot

Help - ants have settled in my flower pot

Lemon juice

Ants don't like citric acid at all and they usually quickly run away.

  • Squeeze a fresh lemon.
  • Put the juice on a cloth.
  • Put this on the ground.
  • Repeat regularly.

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Cucumber peels

Cucumber peels are poisonous to animals. Simply lay them on the ground for a few days, this will be a deterrent and the insect state will run away.

Spices such as bay leaf, clove or cinnamon

Ants don't like the smells of these culinary herbs at all. It has proven useful to sprinkle a mixture of all spices on the soil in the flower pot. Alternatively, you can use essential oils such as those available for steam lamps. Cinnamon oil in particular works extremely well. Drop the substance on a cloth and place it around the plant. Renew daily.

Ground coffee

Simply sprinkle the earth with a few spoons of ground coffee. It doesn't have to be fresh powder, even the pomace from the fully automatic coffee machine or coffee filter works well. Carefully put the powder into the holes from which a lot of ants crawl and press down with a spoon handle. The intense smell of your favorite morning drink scares the animals off and they look for a new home.

Plenty of watering

Ants don't like floods at all. If the plant tolerates it, you should water it thoroughly for several consecutive days so that water collects in the saucer. You will see that it will soon become too colorful for the animals and they will migrate.

Lime or garden chalk

If you have ant nests in the garden, you should sprinkle chalk powder or garden lime (€ 9.46 on Amazon *) around the flower pots as a preventive measure. The little crawlers do not cross these alkaline barriers and prefer to choose other places to found a new state.

Not a good remedy: baking soda

A common tip for ants infestation is: sprinkle baking powder on the soil in the flower pot. The remedy does not work particularly well and at the same time means a painful death for the animals. Contrary to popular belief, ants do not eat the baking powder, but die from chemical burns if they come into contact with this substance. You should therefore use gentle methods that also work but protect the insects at the same time.


Fast-acting insecticides for the soil should only be used for environmental reasons if all other means fail. Ants are beneficial insects that continue to carry seeds, loosen the soil and serve as food for many other animals. This makes them an important link in the ecosystem that is worth protecting.